Family Picnic in Folwark Białka

Dear All, 

We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of the new educational project named Montessori Farm School Folwark Białka!

It is a great opportunity to gather together after long months of isolation. We are also excited to show you our new place for our children. 

We are convinced that the new Montessori Farm School project will not only enrich and expand the educational offer for our students but will also have a positive impact on their development. It will certainly be an unforgettable adventure and they will forever remember the experience and knowledge gained and prepare for entering adulthood.

On Saturday, June 12, in the privacy of a historic park, we will hold our first Family Picnic in the region of near Podlasie.

On this occasion we would like to invite all WMF families with their grandparents and relatives to Białka near Radzyń Podlaski where we will all meet in beautiful natural surroundings to relax and spend time together. Our children will have the opportunity to take part in many interesting activities.

We have planned many attractions for children and adults for that great day:

  • Workshops run by folk artists (folk ornaments, handicrafts)
  • A pottery workshop
  • Wicker and plaiting workshops
  • A weaving workshop
  • Sculpture and outdoor painting
  • Regional cooking (royal pancakes and baking cookies)
  • Baking ‘sękacz’ cake and cheese-making workshops
  • Ice cream to cool down
  • Large and small animals
  • Dinghy rowing on the pond
  • Sport games and activities 
  • Enjoying ourselves with good music and delicious food

What to take?

  • comfortable sports shoes (no high heels! ☺) 
  • a picnic blanket
  • and to strengthen the body and spirit of the community of WMF families – you can prepare something sweet to share for afternoon tea.

All members of the Warsaw Montessori Family are invited to our picnic. Our picnic is also open to your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and special loved ones. Children of all ages are invited!

Find our farm on the Google Maps:


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